De wester - max 28 people

A young, green shipping company of real Amsterdammers who know the city well and know which striking places in the historic canals are worth a visit. Our boat is fully electric powered, is whisper-quiet and meets the most stringent environmental requirements. In short, we are eco-friendly and do everything to burden the environment as little as possible.

Young, old, foreign tourists or Dutch people, there is a customized cruise for everyone in the stylish AMS1 boat that can accommodate more than 28 guests. Sociability, relaxation and personal attention are the main features of us. In addition, individual wishes to be honored. With us you are not a number, but a real guest on board.

1-12 people
12-20 people
20-30 people
30-40 people
40+ people
With Captain:
Type of boat:
Open Boat
Saloon Boat
Advertentie geplaatst 22 jul 2018

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