The Lounge

The Lounge is the boat where everything is possible: sit or stand, be active or passive. A reception, a party with DJ, a walking buffet, dinner at covered tables, a movie show, an opera singer, a meeting, a workshop or a birthday - at The Lounge you can have it all. In winter you are comfy and warm, with heating and double glass. In the summer all windows can be opened. And finally, another point we are proud of: due to the amazing view from inside, The Lounge is also called the best boat of the city for the Amsterdam Light Festival.

What you get:

Experienced captain schipper


Covered boat

Music installation

Tap installation


Suitable for 80 – 85 people

Rent: €275,- per hour

Drinking arrangment: €6,- p.p. per hour

Entertainment fee: €0,65 p.p. per day

For a reservation please contact:

1-12 people
12-20 people
20-30 people
30-40 people
40+ people
With Captain:
Advertentie geplaatst 15 aug 2017

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