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Information for the 55 foot cruiser version:

* standard engines - 2 x 25 kW e-motors (option: 2 x 135kW)

* lithium batteries - standard 30 kWh (option: up 100kWh)

* we have tested the new engines and top speeds of up to 20 knots are possible.

Information for the 55 foot power-version:

* 55-“Power” as a “parallel hybrid" is equipped with 2 silent electric motors (2 x 20 kW) working together with 2 powerful Diesel engines up to 2 x 300 HP. Diesel powered top speeds of more than 20 knots are possible!

There is lots of engineered redundancy with our system:

* serial hybrid – 2 x e-motors and solarpanels + generator to recharge the batteries.

* parallel hybrid – 2 x e-motors + 2 x diesel-engines and solarpanels + 2 x e-motors in generator-function to recharge the batteries.

The motors are independent from each other. In addition, with the “sail version” the e-motors recuperate energy while under sail, thus recharging the batteries.

The Silent 55 is available with 3, 4, 5 or 6 cabins with 3 or 4 bathrooms. Any combination is possible. The Silent 55 has a hydraulic stern-platform, suitable for a tender up to 4m.

Please compare our Yachts to a normal sailing yacht. On a conventionally powered sailing yacht you will have to start the diesel engine immediately when the wind stops. On our Yachts you still can go for many hours with normal cruising speed (6-8 kt) and 24/7 with reduced speed (without using the generator).

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