Sloep vrienden sloep - max 32 people

Max. 32 people

The Sloepvrienden sloop is one of the most beautiful and largest sloops of Amsterdam (43p). There are about 32 seats on board. This boat sails electric is super quiet and is equipped with a toilet in the front.

The sloop has a sound system (only for outside center) where you can also connect your own ipod (headphone jack). The roof is useful if there are a few splashes. The front can be closed with tarps. The boat is rented with a skipper that you can pick up anywhere in Amsterdam. The Sloepvrienden sloop can be rented without obligation of catering. You can therefore bring your own catering with you without surcharge. Look at the bottom of this page for the real time agenda of the Sloepvrienden sloop.

  • Partly covered (open during the summer)
  • Toilet on board
  • Rain guarantee (you can cancel shortly before sailing in bad weather)
1-12 people
12-20 people
20-30 people
30-40 people
40+ people
With Captain:
Tipo de barco:
Open Boat
Saloon Boat
Anuncio creado el 27 jul 2018

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